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The BodyTrends Oklahoma City FullBar Diet Challenge/ And the Winner is....

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Issue: # 019 April 2009

The FullBar Challenge at BodyTrends

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FEATURED ARTICLE/ The Winner of The BodyTrends Oklahoma City FullBar Challenge
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And The Winner of the BodyTrends FullBar Challenge is....
The BodyTrends Bride
At BodyTrends, The ElectroSpa, we are proud to announce the winner of the BodyTrends FullBar Challenge. It is Mr. Dan H. of Norman. Using FullBar, he lost more than a total of 20lbs. As the winner of the FullBar Challenge, he receives about $5,000 of BodyTrends services. Check out his Amazing Story. Congratulations Dan!

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Featured Article:
The BodyTrends FullBar Challenge. One Man's Road to Victory.

"The busier my life gets, the harder it is to pay attention to what I'm eating and what my activity level needs to be. That's what got me here," So says Mr Dan H. when we first met and interviewed him. It was January of 2009, and he and a few other brave volunteers solicited from our newsletter, blog and existing clientele accepted the BodyTrends FullBar Challenge. This 47-year-old husband, father of a college-aged child, and busy executive in the Medical Profession echoes the sentiments of many people in the same situation. Although Mr. H. did not find his own physical form particularly grotesque, he did see a need for improvement. Preferentially, an easy way.

Like many people, he has tried calorie-counting, Weight Watchers, Atkins and a variety of other diets 'du jour', none of which provided easy solutions for short- or long-term weight loss. He had seen the FullBar Commercial on television and was intrigued by the way it worked. "When I saw the newsletter about the Challenge, It was like a sign and I thought I would give it a try." And so He did. At the end of 6 weeks, Dan has lost 20lbs, and finds himself closer to the form he had 20 years ago. "I like what I'm seeing in the mirror these days...My Clothes are fitting me much better". When asked if the people around him noticed a difference, he just smiles!

FullBar, created by Denver-based Bariatric (Weight-Loss) Surgeon, Dr. Michael Snyder, was developed to mimic the effects achieved with weight-loss surgery. When the Fullbar is ingested with water prior to a meal, the FullBar 'swells' within the stomach. The distention of the stomach gives the sensation of fullness and satiety, and the amount of the meal to be ingested is less.

FullBar comes in 4 different flavors: Cocoa Chip, Caramel Apple Crisp, Fresh Berry Bliss. and Peanut Butter Crunch. Dan also agrees it tastes better than he had expected. He found that with the FullBar, he ate less, felt full more often after a meal, and was less apt to go after "seconds" or to snack between meals.

Here is Dan's Before and After Pictures
FullBar Challenge Winner Before and After

As winner of the FullBar Challenge, BodyTrends has offered Dan, about $5000 of Services, which he may use towards Accent XL bodysculpting or VIP
Automated firming and toning. We Congratulate him and everyone else who participated in the BodyTrends FullBar Challenge.

With these impressive results BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa recommends FullBar for its ability to effectively aid in weight loss. We believe it can help you. For More information about FullBar, visit the website today.

A Special thanks to Ms. Genesis Kobos of Story & Welch,LLP/FullBar for providing us with Free Samples of FullBar Samples at No Charge for the Challenge.

You can also Call or come in to BodyTrends 405-608-4477 (9311 N. Penn in the Nichols Hills/The Village area) or 405-759-7524 (13316 S. Western in the Stonebriar Mall) to find out more about FullBar and other nonsurgical weight-loss strategies.
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Oklahoma City Massage Therapist Kimberly Puckett

is proud to announce the addition of Oklahoma City Massage Therapist, Kimberly Puckett to our staff. The Kimberly Puckett philosophy or the "Puckett Principle" is that many conditions which afflict the muscles, tendons and joints are not corrected in a single massage session. It may take a few sessions to relieve tension, spasm, trigger points and pain. This is why Kimberly offers the April Massage Special, which consists of 3 one-hour massage treatments for $90, with an additional FREE Massage for new clients!!

No Wonder this Special has hit Oklahoma City like Wildfire. Take advantage of this special this week. This Special Ends on Friday!

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Latisse before and after

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