Sunday, May 31, 2009

Improve Failing Grades. For Parents in Oklahoma City to Help their child Become a better reader and Better Student with Vision Therapy

Turn Your Childs C's into A's with Vision Therapy:
Looking Good and Seeing Well...
save 50%
You know that your child is bright, but the report cards are not reflecting his or her ability. Sometimes, its not a matter of discipline or behavior by your child. It's a matter of how the eyes and Brain process the information on the page, Technology is now available to diagnose how your child traffics information on the page. It's called the Visagraph, and it is an eye motion detector, which functions while while your child is reading a page of information. Screening with the Visagraph is only a matter of 30-35$.
the Visagraph/ Dr. ralph Latimer Oklahoma City
The Visagraph

If it is a matter of deficient and proper tracking, this can be diagnosed and corrected with Vision therapy. Vision therapy Associates/ Dr. Ralph Latimer is one of the few Vision Therapy Specialist in Oklahoma, and he would be happy to evaluate your child. He diagnosed a similar problem in one of our staff members' children and turned her into the good student we always knew she could be.

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