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BodyTrends' "Housewives of the 405" win GOLD ADDY Award

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Issue: # 059February 2011
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HOUSEWIVES of the 405 - Winner of 3 ADDY Awards for Advertising
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HOUSEWIVES of the 405 wins GOLD at OKC ADDY Awards
BodyTrends Presents 
Housewives of the 405 
BodyTrends Presents Housewives of the 405
The Judges Have Spoken!   
The Housewives of the 405 and their Creators were in Bricktown this weekend attending the Oklahoma City ADDY Awards.   The ADDY awards are given by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) /OKC AD Club for Excellence in Advertising, analogous to what the Emmy's are to the Television Industry.  Members from virtually all of the major advertising agencies in town were in attendance including the "Goliath of Advertising" Ackerman-McQueen, Staplegun Design, VI Marketing, Insight Creative Group, & Jordan Associates, as well as non-ad agency entities with in-house creative departments like Braums and The Chicasaw Nation.

And let's not forget ROBOT HOUSE CREATIVE, the design firm behind BodyTrends' Housewives of the 405.  This was a Big Night for Brian Winkeler, Robot House's Creative Director.   When all was said and done, Robot had captured a GOLD ADDY, the highest Award given in a category, and 2 SILVER ADDY's for "Housewives.   Brian Winkeler and Robot House came away with about 13 ADDY's including the Coveted BEST OF SHOW-HUMOR ADDY called  the FONTANA Award...his 4th Fontana.  The Gold ADDY automatically forwards the submission to District Competition.    We are optimistic that the DISTRICT AAF Judges will be impressed with HOUSEWIVES as well.

Dr. Jenkins of BodyTrends who was also in attendance remarks about the phone call he made to Winkeler about 8 months ago, after seeing his work for the DeadCenter Festival.  "I discussed the idea of  The Housewives format applied to OKC"  Jenkins said, "and using humor, geography, as a branding tool to connect with our target market. Instead of laughing at the idea, he saw the vision immediately, as well as the infinite possibilities and ran with it.  Within 3 weeks,  I had in my hands  the first episode of "Housewives""  The art was provided by Robert Wilson IV and the color by Jordan Boyd. "We both knew we had a winner!"
Brian Winkeler, Robot 
House Creative

Then came the celebrity appearances by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips and Jonathan Kayne, the effect of which greatly improved the Housewives visibility.

Upcoming episodes of the HOT405 Saga will feature the real life Liz Dueweke of the FOX25 Morning News Show, as the new 'HOUSEWIFE' on the block.  The FOX25 Morning Show Viewers will get to Vote on what the plot involving Liz's character will be.  SO Watch FOX25.  The Artistic rendering of Liz'z character is being done as we speak.

Liz Dueweke FOX 25

Find the ADDY Award-winning "HOUSEWIVES of the 405" in the Oklahoma Gazette and So6ix Magazine andonline at .  The Housewives have their own Facebook page,  Catch all the episodes online.   Join the Facebook page Find us on Facebook for fashion tips, recipes, drama, scandal, and, of course, shoes....Who knows, maybe , you will be featured in the Housewives of the 405 comic strip.  Stay tuned and join.  Lots of suprises, drama, more special guest appearances and giveaways.

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