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Strut for Mutts, Sponsored by 
Strut for A Mutt Fashion Show

Join us on  March 29th at 6PM for STRUT for A MUTT
A Fashion Extravaganza

Hosted by News9's Lauren Nelson, Miss America 2007

Proceeds benefiting Second Chance Animal Sanctuary

Organized by BodyTrends Client Bailey Anne Robinson  
Spider Veins: A Cosmetic "Scarlet Letter" that can be Erased
BodyTrends BoutiQue: Form Meets Fashion!
FOX25's Liz Dueweke Stars in this Week's BodyTrends' "Housewives of the 405"
EAT SMARTER than ME: Healthy Recipe for Potato Leek Soup
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Spider Veins:  A "Cosmetic" Scarlet Letter
by Dr. Harvey Jenkins, MD
re-prinred from So6ix Magazine

No one ever lost a job opportunity because of them.  And no one has ever been made the 'pariah' of their community because of them.  But, you would certainly think so, considering the number of people who "bear" them, and desperately want to get rid of them.

Spider Vein removal in OKC at BodyTrends 
What are Spider Veins?

Telangiectasias, or more commonly known as spider veins, are small, dilated blood vessels found near the surface of skin or mucous membranes.  Although it is far from a cosmetic "badge of shame" or the proverbial "Scarlet letter", spider veins are a problem for millions of men and women worldwide, and it is estimated that 60% of the population suffers from spider veins or varicose veins.  You don't have to do anything 'wrong" to get them.  40% of women age 40 to 50 have them.  And 72% of women over 60 have them.

 Anatomically, they measure between 0.5 and 1 millimeter in diameter, and are found virtually anywhere on the body.  They come to the attention of the medical aesthetics specialist most often when they occur on the face, around the nose and cheek or on the thighs or legs.    Although there are genetic and hereditary causes of telangiectasias, the most common encountered causes are the acquired forms.    Acquired telangiectasias include those caused by venous hypertension (elevated blood pressure in the veins) with associated varicose veins (enlarged veins), pregnancy wherein circulating hormones that weaken vessel walls are produced, and occupations that involved prolonged sitting or standing.  There is also a role of excessive sun exposure and environmental insults that promote their presence.

Is there a Cure?
Most people think that there is no cure or treatment for spider veins. There is, and it is simple.  Painful injections with sclerotherapy agents to coagulate veins are no longer necessary for spider veins.  New, "light-based" therapies are allowing physicians to successfully treat these "unsightly veins", simply, with minimal discomfort, non-invasively and safely.

The treatment of choice these days for spider veins which meet the criteria of ease, comfort, simplicity and safety is the Long-Pulse 1064 Nd:YAG laser.  The wavelength of the device is specific for targeting the "red" color in the Hemoglobin (the oxygen transport molecule of the blood cell).  The surrounding area of skin and soft tissue is not selected by the laser, leaving it intact.  The collision of the hemoglobin with the energy packet of the laser induces an abrupt heat reaction which leads to coagulation of the blood vessel.  The vessel area is usually bleached immediately.  The coagulated fragments of the vessel are then gradually dissolved and resorbed by the body.
The Harmony Laser at
 BodyTrends OKC
The Harmony Laser at BodyTrends OKC
In Oklahoma City, Spider vein removal remains an "in-demand" procedure. However, many people with this problem are unaware that it can be treated so simply.  Prices range from a few hundreds of dollars to a thousand on average, but obviously depend on the number of veins, their size, how extensive they  are, and the number of times treatments the area requires.   The great news and bottom line is that if you have Spider veins, and you find them unsightly and unsettling, you can spare yourself the angst of this cosmetic badge with a simple call to The BodyTrends Med Spa in OKC. 

Contact BodyTrends on more info on how you can remove your Spider veins. 

BodyTrends BoutiQue:
An Unique Collection of Fashion, Couture & Accessories 

at BodyTrends BoutiQue OKC
Fashion at BodyTrends BoutiQue OKC
You've heard the expression "Form meets Function"?  BodyTrends BoutiQue is the 2011 realization of a similar phrase "Form meets Fashion".  If BodyTrends is the Center for Perfecting Body Form, then BodyTrends BoutiQue is the place where that Perfect form meets the Perfect Fashion.   

We have procured some of the most cutting-edge and fashionable clothing, jewelry, purses and shoes that are available nowhere else in Oklahoma City but BodyTrends BoutiQue. Fashion & Accessory lines include Blue Elegance, Big BuddhaTreasure Rock, Cello Jeans, RYU, and more.  Shoe lines by Johnathan Kayne and Helen's Heart.  And Designer Gowns and dresses by Jonathan Kayne and Tony Bowls
RYU Black Dress at BodyTrends BoutiQue 
Black Dress by RYU
Special Collections include The Garbo Collection by Larry Chowning and Designer Ballerina TuTu Collection by Taylor Treat, Miss Oklahoma 2009.   The Garbo Collection is a  couture collection of vintage and heirloom elements reconstructed on a decorative bracelet base.  It has an "Old Hollywood" glamorous feel to it but modern enough to accompany and complement any tasteful wardrobe pieces.  Garbo is only available at BodyTrends BoutiQue.
The Garbo 
Collection, Jewelry at BodyTrends BoutiQue OKC
The Garbo Collection, Jewelry at BodyTrends BoutiQue OKC

Come into BodyTrends North Spa, Salon & Studio and BodyTrends ElectroSpa South and Check out  BodyTrends BoutiQue!
Liz Dueweke from FOX 25 Morning News joins BodyTrends "Housewives of the 405"

She's been called "the HOTTEST Woman in OKC Media" by the Oklahoma City Blog "The Lost Ogle". We would have to agree although we would have to add our client Jaime Cerreta of FOX to that title.  The upcoming episode of the HOT405 Saga will feature the real-life Liz Dueweke of the FOX25 Morning News Show and Radio, as the new 'HOUSEWIFE' on the block.  Liz join the cadre of other Oklahoma City Celebrities who have stareed in the "HOT405" series including Wayne Coyne of the Recording Group "Flaming Lips" and  Fashion Designer Johnathan Kayne.

The FOX25 Morning Show Viewers voted recently on the FOX25 Facebook page to determine the plot involving Liz's character.  The winning plot involves Andrew Speno, the Anchor of Fox PrimeTime News.   SO Watch FOX25 this week for more info on Liz's Debut!

Liz Dueweke FOX  25

Find the ADDY Award-winning "HOUSEWIVES of the 405" in the Oklahoma Gazette and So6ix Magazine and online at . The episode featuring Liz Dueweke and Andrew Speno will debut this week and it's a DOOZY. 

Did you know that The Housewives also have have their own Facebook page?  Catch all the episodes online.   Join the "Housewives of the 405 (HOT405)" Facebook page Find us on 
Facebook for fashion tips, recipes, drama, scandal, and, of course, shoes....Who knows, maybe , you will be featured in the Housewives of the 405 comic strip.  Stay tuned and join.  Lots of surprises, high-drama, more special guest appearances and giveaways.

Eat Smarter than ME!:
Potato Leek Soup with fresh Bacon and Dill
EAT Smarter than ME 

Potato leek soup truly satisfies and nourishes on those rainy, cold and wet days of autumn and winter.  Salty, smoky bacon from pasture-raised hogs pairs beautifully with the soft flavors of leek, celery and potato while the vibrant addition of fresh dill brings the flavors together.  

Potato Leek Soup with 
Bacon & Dill 


4 ounces pasture-raised bacon, fried and crumbled with fat reserved
4 leeks, rinsed well with white and light green parts sliced very thinly
1 pound waxy potatoes, scrubbed well and cubed
1 quart fresh chicken broth
2 bay leaves, preferably fresh though dried will do
2 cups fresh whole milk
1 bunch fresh dill, chopped fine
Unrefined sea salt and freshly ground white pepper, to taste
Cream fresche or sour cream, to serve


In a heavy-bottomed soup pot, heat reserved bacon fat over a medium flame until melted and sizzling.
Add the thinly sliced leeks to the melted bacon fat and fry until they begin to soften and release their aroma, about five to six minutes or so.
Add one quart fresh chicken broth to the leeks and dump in the cubed potatoes and cover the pot.
Cook the potatoes, leeks and broth together over a medium-low flame until the potatoes are softened and tenderly fall apart when pressed with the tines of a fork, about thirty minutes.
Remove the soup from the flame and allow it to cool slightly, and then pour two cups fresh whole milk into the soup pot, stirring in the fresh dill as you go.
Season the mixture with unrefined sea salt and white pepper as it suits you, then serve the soup with plenty of crumbled bacon and a dollop of cream fresche or sour cream.
Total Servings: 8

Nutritional Information Per Serving

Calories: 185.5
Carbohydrates: 8.6 g
Cholesterol: 19.2 mg
Fat: 15.9 g
Saturated Fat: 5.5 g
Fiber: 0.8 g
Sodium: 36.3 mg
Protein: 2.4 g

For more recipes go to
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Let us know you did and we will figure out something nice to do for you! 

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