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Success, not Failure with Your New Years Resolution to Lose Weight & Get Fit/ Oklahoma City Weight Loss Day Spa BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa

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Issue: # 015 January 2009

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FEATURED ARTICLE/ How We Can Help You Succeed this Time with your New Year's Resolutions....VIP
Accent XL/ Melt the Fat & Cellulite and Tighten Slack Skin

Featured Article-
You Will Succeed This Time
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The Current Issue of the BodyTrends e-newsletter deals with succeeding with your New Year's Resolutions. BodyTrends can helo you lose the weight and lose the inches and give you back the body you deserve!.
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Featured Article

How You will Succeed with Your New Years' Resolution....This Time.

Every year, like clockwork, we binge at Thanskgiving, Christmas, Hannukkah, and Kwanzaa...almost like we have been deprived of food all year long. We go with the flow, and eat and eat, justifying it in our minds by saying, "it's the Holidays!" It's only when the holiday ends and the New Year rolls in that we realize the damage that overeating and inactivity have done to our waistline and spirit. That's the time when we repent and resolve to do better in the new year. And as soon as February and March pass we realize that this year resolutions, like the last 3 or 4, will result in failure.

It could happen to anybody, even Oprah.

The reasons for failure are as numerous as the pounds we put on. Whether it it be procrastination, lack of motivation, fear of commitment to a different lifestyle, all roads lead to an unfulfilled goal.

At Bodytrends, we know this story all too well. Our Body Transformation Program is the easiest way to lose weight and reshape your body, and is as simple as lying on a table. BodyTrends is one of only 60 centers in the US offering the advanced and sophisticated inch-reduction, firming ,lifting and toning technology developed in Italy called VIP. VIP is the system used most notably by two recent Miss America Winners, Lauren Nelson and Jennifer Berry, each of whom credit VIP with helping them achieve their prize-winning appearances,

VIP is not just for beauty queens, models, body builders...It is also the best way to transform your body. VIP uses gentle electrical stimulation, similar to that in a TENS unit, prescribed by doctors, to contract muscles forcefully. One 25-minute session of VIP transion is analogous to 1000 pushups or situps. The differences is the VIP machine does all the work, while you just lay there comfortably. The mechanism of the muscle group contraction by VIP does not result in muscle tearing or lactic acid build up, which are the chief factors responsible for muscle pain following exercise. VIP technology (Isogei) can also help lift buttocks and breasts, tighten skin....all without downtime, pain, or any of the risks or expense of plastic or cosmetic surgery,
Before and After/Barbara/6weeks
Most Clients can achieve the goals within a 20-40 session treament program. We can approximate the number of treatmens using a series of measurements called Body Composition Analysis (BCA). The data form the measurements are entered in a complex software program containing reference data from age-matched cohorts, which helps determine how far your body may be from ideal, and how many treatments it will take to get there.

The VIP transion demonstration treatment, a full 25-45 minute session is offered to interested parties and potential new clients, absolutely FREE, as well as the BCA. Yes, FREE!!! Most people will lose between 1/2 and 4 inches during this free session. Seeing is believing After seeing their one rapid inchloss, almost everyone decides to become a BodyTrends client. We have excellent deals on Body Transformation Treatment packages, and accept all forms of payment, including financing plans,

**And Current BodyTrends Clients please contact me for a way to extend your treatment packages free by referring your friends to us at
Melt the Fat & Cellulite without LIPO and Tighten the Skin!!!
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It's been in the news, in fashion, health, and beauty magazines, and on TV. Your friends may even be talking about how it works. Could this be what you've been looking for...a procedure that can actually melt your fat and reduce your cellulite, without burning your skin or involving an incision. What if the same technology could tighten your skin in the way a tummy tuck or face lift does, but, again, without a surgical incision. That technology is now available. It is called Accent XL and is one of the other Body Transformation technologies offered at BodyTrends.
So, how does it work?
Accent XL uses radio-frequency (rf) energy, which is a highly-powerful focused energy derived from what physicists call the electromagnetic spectum of light. "Light" is not just what we can perceive visually (i.e. the visual spectrum) but also forms of energy that we cannot see, such as radio waves, microwaves, uv rays, Xrays, and the rf spectrum. The rf spectrum energy is harnessed in the Accent XL technology to focus high levels of energy with specific direction to the intended target. With one form of Accent, the intended target is the fat layer underneath the skin. Directing the energy to this layer causes the fat cells to heat up and open up to liberate the fat droplet inside the cell. Over time, millions of fat droplets are released, broken down and absorbed in the lymphatic system, allowing it to be cleared from the area of the body, from which it was liberated.
Still with me?
The second mode of Accent XL focuses the rf energy on the undersurface of the skin. Heating this layer induces an inflammation process that leads to theproduction of new collagen and connnective tissue within the skin, causing it to thicken and tighten. This Youtube video explains this phenomenon. The skin tightening is not only helpful for the slack skin developing after weight loss, but also the loose skin which develops with aging (Face lift).

Accent Treatment before and after 6 sessions

Quite a dramatic change, huh?

At BodyTrends, we offer Accent XL Body transformation packages alone or in combination with VIP. We know that we can make you our next client success story,
Come try it for your self.

BodyTrends Before and After /BodyTrends

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