Thursday, January 1, 2009

Free PIXEL Laser Skin Resurfacing for the Face, Neck Hands & decollete in Oklahoma City at BodyTrends


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Issue: # 014 January 2009

facial rejuvenation !

Which Face would You Rather Present to the World
in 2009?

Pixel by AlmaLasers, LLC
Laser Fractionated Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation

see Pixel Video

improves skin texture and evens complexion, removes fine lines on damaged aging skin, gives skin a more youthful appearance, improves acne scars, surgical scars and keloids.

FREE, a $650 Value
Hand Pixelbefore Pixel
Hand after Pixelafter Pixel

acne with scarring
before Pixel and after Pixel

Call (405) 759-7524 South ElectroSpa NOW!!!

As a Special Thank You to our Clients, supporters and
our e-newsletter subscribers, BodyTrends is proud to offer you another opportunity to experience our treatments...

FREE Pixel Laser Facial Resurfacing treatment
or FREE VIP Face (immediate face lift & wrinkle remover)
at our South Location (13316 S. Western Ave, OKC) and North Location (9311 N. Penn, OKC) (VIP only)

And Excellent Prices on Juvederm ($450 per syringe), Botox ($11.50 per Unit), and 10% off any Facial Transformation Treatment Package (Accent XL, VIP, Pixel)

Today Only. Space is limited. Great Deals on our other treatments as well.

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Join Us in the Fight to Save Lives!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Who hasn't been Touched by Breast Cancer?

BodyTrends is committed to making a difference. We have partnered with the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
, Central Oklahoma Affilitate to help in the fight against breast cancer, still a significant cause of death in the US and the State of Oklahoma. With your help, we can come closer to better treatment options, better education for women newly-diagnosed, better support for women battling breast cancer, and yes, a cure. Your concern and your dollars will make this possible.

A percentage of Proceeds from the Sale of GentleLASE (see video) Laser hair removal Treatment Packages will be donated to the Komen Foundation. The Simple Act of removing your unwanted hair can mean, literally, saving someone else's. Please join us in the fight.

Contact us at for more info or call us to schedule your FREE GentleLase Permanent Laser Hair Removal Consultation.
Stayed tuned for the Next Issue for one more Major Announcement about the exciting Changes coming to BodyTrends.

And of Course...

Happy New Year

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Pearly Craig said...

Indeed a great way to face a new year. Based with the posted pictures, i am convinced that laser skin resurfacing NYC will work for me as much that it did with several persons.