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The Oklahoma City hCG Diet at BodyTrends/ 40lbs in 40Days?


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Issue: # 017 February 2009

HCG Diet in OKC at BodyTrends

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FEATURED ARTICLE/ The hCG Diet: 40lbs in 40 days!
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Featured Article-
The hCG Diet
who will be more stunning
The Current Issue of the BodyTrends e-newsletter deals with achieving the body you want and deserve by removing unwanted pounds! We are Launching the BodyTrends Weight Management Service featuring the revolutionary hCG Diet.
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Featured Article

40 lbs in 40 days

The hCG Diet

If you are like most people, you've been on a thousand diets that have not worked. Some are really simple to follow and some are so cumbersome that they almost require professional accounting skills to understand and apply. If you are lucky enough to lose a few pounds, stopping the diet almost certainly rebounds with the return of the weight you lost ....and sometimes, unfortunately, a little extra.
The main pitfalls of complying with conventional diet plans are many. The food taste bad. The food that Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are too expensive. The food is not enough and you are overcome by the feeling of hunger. You feel weak and without energy. You feel like you have no support. The world around you is still enjoying the foods you want. Television commercials become your biggest enemy as images of Burger King Whoppers, SONIC Burgers and Dominoes Pizzas flood the screen at 15 minute intervals. You feel sad and almost hopeless.... And then you fall off the diet wagon, and you feel worse, like you have failed and let yourself down.

Don't be discouraged. It really doesn't help the situation. Know that millions have walked this path before you. Obesity and being overweight are huge problems in United States and the State of Oklahoma. The state of carrying excess weight brings with it health problems that are other wise avoidable. Heart disease, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Vascular Disease (stroke), Diabetes, all of which are significant causes of morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) in Oklahoma, are significantly and profoundly impacted by obesity.

The economic impact of obesity and the associated conditions are also profound. The cost of obesity is passed on to you in terms of higher insurance premiums. The cost is passed on to your business in terms of 'sick-days' and loss of productivity, which means lost business revenues and less opportunities for bonus and raises. Being 'BIG' is bigger than you or I can imagine.

BodyTrends is proud to announce the addition of the BodyTrends Weight Management Program, featuring the HCG Injection Diet, to its Body and Facial Re-Design Services.

Features of the hCG Diet
HCG Injections
  • The hCG diet is a Rapid Weight-loss Diet involving daily injections for 4 or 6 weeks
  • The hCG diet is simple and easy to follow
  • The hCG diet is supervised by a physician
  • The hCG injections help curb appetite
  • The reduction of fat is targeted &specific (belly and thighs)
  • The hCG diet protects against muscle loss during the diet
  • The hCG diet can be repeated after 6 week
About the Diet

The hCG Diet is a medically-supervised, physician-administered diet now available at BodyTrends, The ElectroSpa of OKC. hCG stands for "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin", which has been used to facilitate the rapid loss of weight when combined with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD).

Before and after pic HCG Diet-female
Before After 6weeks After 2nd cycle

In the hCG Diet Protocol, this hormone is administered through a series of virtually painless daily injections, 4 days-a-week, for a period of 4 or 6 weeks, and is combined with a strict, but easy to follow low fat, low-carb, low-calorie diet, formulated by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons.
Successful application of the diet protocol can results in dramatic weight losses, typically between 30-40 lbs over a 45 days, about 1 lb/day. Obviously, the actual weight loss will vary with the individual.

hCG is a actually a glycoprotein hormone produced in pregnancy, which functions by inducing a structure in the ovary (the corpus luteum) of pregnant women to produceprogesterone, which maintains the thickness of the uterus during the course of the pregnancy.

hCG was found to be the likely agent responsible for allowing starving and underweight third-world pregnant women to consistently give birth to normal birth-weight infants.

Obviously, something in the mother's physiology during pregnancy, believed to be hCG, is proficient at scavenging fat and other nutrients and building blocks from a underweight and starving mother to protect the development of the fetus.

It seemed very logical then that this same agent could very easily remove fat from an overweight man or overweight non-pregnant woman.
Before and after pic HCG Diet-male
Before After 6weeks After Cycle#2

hCG is believed to work by endowing the individual the ability to curb appetite and tolerate sharp decrease in calories during a very low-calorie diet without feeling the usual hunger pangs and related anxiety that leads conventional diets to fail.

hCG is also believed to selectively remove fat from specific areas of the body, like the abdomen (beer belly/ tire gut from men), and the buttocks and thighs (thunder thighs from non-pregnant women).

It is also believed that that hCG induces the synthesis of your body's own testosterone, which exerts a protective effect on muscle, and prevents muscle breakdown and muscle loss during the low-calorie diet.

BodyTrends is proud to offer this powerful weapon in weight management.

The regular $1250 fee includes:
  • a consultation and examination with the physician and nurse
  • administration of the injections or instruction on the self-administration of the injections
  • the hCG medication
  • instructions on the VLCD (very Low-calorie diet) and the diet protocol
  • weekly follow-ups and weigh-ins for 6 weeks
  • and diet aftercare.
***Prices do not include lab work fees.
A 4-week program is offered for $ 975.
A 20% OFF Coupon (expiring February 13, 2009) is offered below to celebrate of our launch of the Weight Management Services Program at BodyTrends.

Please call us 405-759-7524 for more information or email us at info@bodytrendspa.com.

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