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Issue: # 054September 2010
Oklahoma State Fair 2010: BodyTrends Booth/ COX Building
Oklahoma State Fair 2010: BodyTrends Booth/ COX Building

The Oklahoma State Fair 2010
BodyTrends Booth
COX Building

Stop by and Visit us!
ASK about the 30% OFF Fair Special on BodyTrends Treatment Packages!
BOTOX MasQuerade 2010: Our Best Event Ever!
SENSA: The Weight-Loss Solution that is Right Under Your Nose
"Fashion for Food" with Johnathan Kayne. What are you doing on Sept 25th?
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BOTOX MasQuerade 2010:
Thanks for Making it our Best Event Ever!

Our Best Event Yet
MasQuerade, The BodyTrends North Botox Party

BodyTrends North Botox Party
Let's Expose the Beauty Behind the Mask at
BOTOX MasQuerade
We wouldn't have believed it, had we not been there to witness it first hand!  Over 250 people joined the staff and owners of BodyTrends, as the Spa was transformed into enchanted evening in medieval Venice.  The Celebration held on September 10th paid homage to the beauty, pageantry, mystery, sensuality and allure of Venetian Masquerade.
Anne, Emily,Tara and Misty of BodyTrends display Venetian Masquerade Costumes
BodyTrends Botox MasQuerade Costumes
 The Event was hosted by BodyTrends associate and Bodybuilding Champion, Mr Joey Codner, and a few of his friends (competitive Bodybulders he trains for Mr. Oklahoma & NPCC Competitions).  They made sure all of the party guest were happy and enjoyed themselves.
Joey and "The Guys" served as Hosts of BodyTrends BOTOX MasQuerade
Joey and  The
 Guys, Host
BodyTrends BOTOX MasQuerade: The Crowd
BOTOX MasQuerade: The Crowd

BodyTrends would like to thank all of our clients, supporters, facebook and twitter followers, and new friends who attended this event.  A Special thanks is give to Ms. Tsinena Bruno Thompson, CEO of Oklahoma Lawyers for Children, who made us aware of this wonderful organization, whose mission is the protection of the rights of children.
A Portion of the Proceeds, totaling $1200, from BOTOX MasQuerade has been donated to Oklahoma Lawyers for Children, a non profit organization

Additional Thanks to our 'colleagues' who participated in this event with us,  Tiffiny Luong of MOTIVES Cosmetics, Brian Bennett of Bioform (Radiesse Filler), Cooking Girl, JP Wilson, Paul Wilson, LG Hamilton of the, Fred Vint of Verve, Jason Dixon/Lilian Shelton of Xango, Nicole Moan, Vanessa Davenport of Mary Kay, Patty Dry, Billy Dry of DryDesign Group, Brian Winkeler of RobotHouse Creative,  Simon Hurst of Simon Hurst Photography and Sherry Howerton of Tierra Media/ Oklahoma Gazette.

A final 'thank you' to our "Model" (pictured above)who graciously lent his likeness and physique to this project. The photo-shoot, which took place about 3 weeks before the party, was Magical.  The images generated were edgy, sexy, compelling and captivating. Little to no photo-editing of the images was necessary. The images were RAW. They got attention, and that was the goal. Not bad, for a first-time model.  His only request of us was not to highlight his identity.  He is a Businessman who oversees about 40 people, he has an MBA, he coaches a high-school football team on the side.  He didn't think the "folks at work" would understand.  And if the 'kids on the team" got a hold of the photos, they'd be plastered all around the gym.....he'd never hear the end of it.  Begrudgingly, we have complied with his request, so long as he helps us with our next project.

Until the Next one......

SENSA: Your Weight Loss Solution May be Right Under your Nose!

Sensa: Common "Scents" Approach to Weight Loss
Sensa Bodytrends Article

Reprinted from So6ix Magazine

You need to fit into that sleek, partially-revealing swimsuit by next summer. You want people to stare, to sigh, and to melt when they see you.  The only problem is that you are about 20lbs over what you need to get that reaction.  Instead of people melting at the sight of you, they react by pitying you.

There are literally hundreds of options for losing weight.  For larger amounts of weight, the hCG Diet may be the best option for rapid results.  For a slower, the best option may be an appetite suppression medication like Phentermine (Adipex-P) or a fat-blocker like Alli.    Diet programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig emphasize the role of support in weight loss along with eating correctly and sensibly. Others still find success with Calorie Restriction, which only works well if not undermined by a lack of will power.   But for many people who are overweight, and have tried and failed just about every diet plan known to man, there are few remaining options.   Clearly for those people, there is a need for a simple, "common sense" approach to weight loss, where the body actually helps in the process rather than hinders.

Sensa, is a relatively new concept in weight management that approaches weight loss through modulation of the sense of smell and taste.  The modulation causes a premature activation of the "sense of fullness", or satiety, which is initiated after eating has begun. With Sensa, you can eat chocolate, eat bacon, even KFC and still lose weight..and a lot of it.

The Sensa breakthough was the results of patented technology based on two decades of scientific investigation by Alan Hirsch, MD, the Director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.   Dr. Hirsch, who is a world-renowned Neurologist and Psychiatrist, noted the peculiar finding of rapid weight gains in patients suffering a specific brain-injury pattern whereby the ability to smell or taste was lost.  He reasoned if losing the sense of smell or taste resulted in gaining weight, then perhaps giving a normal person "extra smell" could lead to losing weight.   He proposed that the "extra smell" would stimulate receptor molecules in the Olfactory bulb inside the nose.  The receptor binding process in the bulbs would then act to stimulate an area of the brain known as the satiety center.  The result of this stimulation would be to give the body a sense of fullness or satiety, and extinguishing any desire to eat further.

Biochemists in Dr. Hirsch's laboratory isolated and purified Salt-like, crystalline compounds, called "tastants", which were capable of stimulating the olfactory bulb in the nasal passages to produce the satiety response. The tastants he produced are virtually tasteless and odorless, but are capable of mimicking the chemical responses we produce in response to smells and tastes.  The compounds were then given to test subjects who sprinkled them on food like "salt" at the beginning of every meal.  The 1436 people who participated in this study lost on average 30.5 lbs in the 6-month period.

The advantages of Sensa weight loss lies in the fact it is not a traditional "diet". There is no reliance on food restriction or calorie-restriction.  One can theoretically eat anything at all, including favorite foods.  So, unlike the popular Weight Watchers and Nutrisystems diet plans, there are no pre-packaged meals to buy.  This makes Sensa a more economical weight-loss option.  The Sensa company even offers a 30-Day trial-period with a satisfaction-guarantee where you can try it for free.  Sensa also has no apparent side-effects, in contrast with other weight loss medications like Alli (diarrhea) and Adipex (heart racing/palpitations).  With no calorie counting, Sensa is the easiest way to lose weight.  It is as simple as using a salt shaker.

The disadvantages to Sensa are obvious.  Because the weight loss does not restrict "Bad foods", the health benefit of eating 'correctly' (low fat, complex carbohydrates) to avoid diabetes and heart disease may not be realized.  Once the tastants are stopped, the weight would be expected to come back, without an appropriate "lifestyle" change.   An important criticism of the trial period is that it is tied to automatic monthly debit of your credit card, unless it is deliberately stopped.

You can find out more about Sensa at Please consult your physician before trying any weight loss plan.  Here's to fitting into that tight swimsuit by next summer!

Dr. Harvey Jenkins is a Harvard-trained Orthopedist & Spine specialist, practicing in South Oklahoma City.  He is a Wellness Blogger and is also Owner and Medical Director of BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa in OKC. For more info or questions contact Dr Jenkins at

"Fashion for Food" Fashion Show and Benefit
 with Jonathan Kayne
Sept 25th at 6:30 PM
Fashion for Food/ Johnathan Kayne/ BodyTrends
Fashion for Food/ 
Johnathan Kayne/ BodyTrends
Join us for wine, hors d'oeuvres and fashion on Saturday, September 25th from 6:30 to 10 p.m.!    FOR A GREAT Cause.
Project-Runway-famed fashion designer, Johnathan Kayne, will host the exclusive Fashion for Food Fashion Show at the Regional Food Bank on Saturday, September 25th.  BodyTrends is a Sponsor of this Event!

This is the second year of Kayne's annual fashion show, which was featured last year on his TLC reality TV show Gown Crazy. This year, the event will feature two runway shows - one featuring Kayne's latest designs and a finale show with custom items modeled by local celebrities.

Local celebrity runway models will include:
  • Lauren Nelson and Christina Ecker from News 9
  • Jaime Cerreta, Angie Mock and Liz Dueweke from FOX 25
  • Lacey Lett from The Spy
  • Carmen Butler,  Thunder Girls Manager & former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
  • Singer/songwriter Sherree Chamberlain (who will also perform!)
The custom Johnathan Kayne pieces featured in the finale will be available for purchase in a live auction at the event. Additionally, a number of silent auction items will help to raise charitable dollars.
Proceeds from the event will benefit the Regional Food Bank's Food for Kids program. Kayne hopes to provideFood for Kids backpacks to 150 chronically hungry elementary school children.
Food for Kids provides chronically hungry elementary school children with backpacks filled with non-perishable, kid-friendly food to eat over weekends and holidays. Food for Kids serves 305 elementary schools in 42 counties across central and western Oklahoma, providing backpacks to nearly 8,000 chronically hungry children each week during the school year. There are 25 schools on the waiting list to join the program.
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