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BOTOX MasQuerade, The BodyTrends OKC Botox Party Friday Sept 10, 6 PM; Your Husband wont Mind!

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Issue: # 053September 2010
Husband's are Special at BodyTrends 
BOTOX MasQuerade
The BodyTrends North Botox Party
Friday, September 10th, 6PM

Dress up if you like
or Come as You Are
Admission is Free!
Benefitting OK Lawyers for Children
Let's Expose the Beauty behind the Mask

Call 608-4477 for more info
Bring your friends
Get Here, Even if you have to Crawl
BOTOX MasQuerade 2010: The "Must-Attend" Event that They will be Talking About....
Is QNexa the Next Phen-Fen?
What was Jane Jayroe Doing at BodyTrends Last week? Ask Leigh Thompson Photography!
Permanent Makeup at BodyTrends/ We Got You Covered!
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BOTOX MasQuerade 2010:
It Will be the Talk of the Town on Monday

Who's Your Daddy?

BodyTrends North Botox Party
Let's Expose the Beauty Behind the Mask at
BOTOX MasQuerade
Door Prizes, Fantastic Costuming, Gift Baskets, Great Food, Music, And Beautiful Men To Serve YOU!
BOTOX MasQuerade is not "An Event". It's THE EVENT!!! The One they will be talking about on Monday morning...
Join the BodyTrends Staff and Owners on Friday September 10th at 6PM at the NEW BODYTRENDS Spa, Salon & Studio, as we re-create the Allure, Mystery and Glamour of Medieval Venice, with BOTOX MasQuerade, the BodyTrends North Botox Party.
A Portion of the Proceeds from BOTOX MasQuerade will be donated to Oklahoma Lawyers for Children, a non profit organization.
The Event is hosted by BodyBuilding Champion and BodyTrends Trainer, Mr. Joey Codner, and "The Guys", a group of Exotic Male Servers with the Hottest Physiques in OKC (Mr. Oklahoma Bodybuilding contenders) whose only job is to make you happy and make sure your Marguerita glass is full!
No Costume is required, but is encouraged. Come as you are! Admission is FREE!
BOTOX MasQuerade features:
  • The Most Innovative Hair Stylists in OKC (Larry Chowning, Sara Lashley, Tiffany Rozier, Scott & Lauren Henry)
  • The BodyTrends Massage Squad
  • The Facialistas of BodyTrends
  • Nail Artist/Manicurist Toyie Slaughter
  • Leigh Thompson of Leigh Thompson Photography
Try Free Samples of New Products Verve, Xango
Free Makeovers with Motives by Loren Ridinger by Makeup Artist Tiffany Luong and Larry Chowning
Free Demonstrations of BodyTrends BodySculpting Services with the lowest pricing on all our Laser and Aesthetic BodySculpting Treatments and Weight Loss plans for those who purchase on September 10th.
Catering by Cooking Girl Christa Carretero
Musical SoundTrack by DJ Tashonda & LG Hamilton from the MusicGroup Studios
Scheduled Appearances by local Celebrities and Dignitaries.
Admission is FREE. RSVP here
*** The Botox, dermal fillers and all procedures are performed under sterile conditions, by the physician and his assistant, in privacy, away from the Party event in the lobby
Friday, September 10th at 6pm

Call: 608-4477

Is QNexa the New Phen-Fen?

Massage by Kimberly Puckett at BodyTrends OKC

  QNexa, the New Phen-Fen
Many people still remember the wonder-drug Fen-phen.  It was the top-selling weight loss medication used widely in the 1980's and early 1990's.   The medication was a combination of two drugs:  Fenfluramine, a "psycho-active" agent working to provide the sense of fullness, like some antidepressant medications do and Phentermine, an appetite suppressant ,fat-burner and stimulator of metabolism.  Although many people battling obesity found the drug to be highly-effective in weight loss,  a significant number of people developed an otherwise rare, but potentially fatal, condition known as pulmonary hypertension and heart valve disease.   In 1996, a 30-year-old Boston woman developed heart problems after using Fen-Phen for one month. She died in February on 1997 and her story was featured on Page 1 of the Boston Globe. FDA reports of similar stories and studies affirming a relation between Fen-phen and heart valve/ lung disorders led to its withdrawal from the US Market in September on 1997/  Wyeth, the pharmaceutical company, set aside upwards of 20 Billion dollars to settle the 50,000 or more legal claims associated with the use of Fen-Phen. A tragic and expensive lesson was learned.

Despite the tragic story of Fen-Phen, Obesity remains the single, most-modifiable risk factor contributing to disease and mortality in the United States.   The need for effective weight loss medications to combat obesity still remains.  Fortunately, the science of weight loss continues to evolve, leading to better and safer options for the treatment of obesity.  Recently the FDA has reviewed a new option for weight loss, a medication called QNexa, believed to rival the effectiveness of Fen-Phen without the rare complications of pulmonary and heart disease.

QNexa is a once-a-day medication that is the combination of 2 drugs:  Phentermine, the same fat burner in Fen-Phen (not implicated in the heart valvedisorder) and Topiramate ( a drug  replacing the Fenfluramine (the agent responsible of the heart lung problems).  As you may know, Phentermine (aka 'Adipex') was not 'pulled' from the market and continues to be used as a weigh-loss medicine today.  Topiramate is the generic name for Topamax, a medicine commonly used in Migraine and seizure treatment.  Physicians quite commonly observe their patients reporting a feeling of fullness and satiety and even weight loss while on Topamax.  As with Fen-Phen, the combination of the two medications works synergistically to allow large amounts of weight loss in a reasonable period of time.

Clinical Trials show that roughly 60 to 70 % of people taking QNexa once-daily lost at least 5% of their body weight in 6 months.  With higher dose of QNexa, the more weight lost.  Only 15% of people lost at least 5 % of their body weight with the placebo.
On July 16th , QNexa underwent initial FDA review for safety and efficacy. The screening panel DID NOT recommend approval, citing insufficient information confirming the safety of Qnexa in terms of risks to the heart.  It should be noted that there were no compelling safety issues involving QNexa in the study compared to other FDA approved medications currently on the market, including Phentermine and Topamax.  Final consideration of Qnexa by the FDA may come later this year. 

Who knows? QNexa may be the Next Fen-Phen.

Dr. Harvey Jenkins is a Harvard-trained Orthopedist & Spine specialist, practicing in South Oklahoma City.  He is a Wellness Blogger and is also Owner and Medical Director of BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa in OKC. For more info or questions contact Dr Jenkins at

What was Jane Jayroe doing at BodyTrends last week? Ask Leigh Thompson of Leigh Thompson Photography!
Leigh Thompson Photography Studio at BodyTrends
Leigh Thompson 
Leigh Thompson Photography
The Leigh Thompson Photography Studio Officially opened last week. It's first client was none-other than Jane Jayroe, former Secretary of Tourism and Recreation for the State of Oklahoma,  Miss America 1967, News Anchor (KOCO, KFOR) and Inductee into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

After Styling with Image Consultant /Stylist, Mr. Larry Chowning of BodyTrends Salon, Ms. Jayroe was whisked into the Studio for her Photoshoot and for some Leigh Thompson magic.  Some amazingly beautiful images were captured.

Mr. Thompson is the Official Portrait Photographer of the Miss Oklahoma Pageant.  He will photograph the current Miss Oklahoma, BodyTrends Client Emoly West for review by the Miss America judges. We are honored to have Leigh at The New Bodytrends Spa Salon & Studio.
BodyTrends Client Emoly West, Miss Oklahoma 2010 Leigh Thompson Photography
Emoly West Miss 
Oklahoma 2010 /Leigh Thompson Photography

Even if you are not competing for a national title, you can trust Leigh Thompson photography to capture your absolute best image and representation, and to do it affordably and with the utmost professionalism that is his trademark.

You can make your appointment for a consultation with Leigh Thompson by calling  405-608-4477.
Permanent Makeup at BodyTrends:
We Got You Covered!
 Makeup at BodyTrends

BodyTrends Offers Permanent Makeup at Both North (Permanent Makeup Solutions) and South ElectroSpa (The Artistic School of Permanent Makeup) locations. 

Lip liner                                     $200.00

Full lip color                               $350.00

Eyebrow's start at                       $200.00
Hairline stroke eyebrows            $350.00

Eyelash enhancement                $200.00
Full eyeliner                               $350.00
Designer Eyeliner (Multi-Color)   $450.00
Eye shadow                                $400.00

Full face discounts                       $800.00

Senior citizens discount 10% off any procedure

Call BodyTrends Today (608-4477 NOKC or 759-7524 SOKC) for monthly specials!!!
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Spato go Botox 
The Next Party is later this month in Yukon, Oklahoma!
Upcoming Parties at Lake TenKiller!

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