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Contrave, The Future of Weight Loss, Now at BodyTrends OKC & Tulsa

CONTRAVE- The Future is Now
BodyTrends Client is the New Mrs. America...Again
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The Future of Medical Weight Loss
You may have already heard of the newest phenomenon in medical weight loss.  It is called Contrave, and the world of weight loss will never be the same. This medication is by prescription only, has just been approved by the FDA, and is available this week at BodyTrends!  We know you will want the 4-1-1 on this breakthrough!  And Keep your Cell phone handy!
Contrave is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals which recently acquired the rights to this medication from OrexiGEN.   It is a combination of two well-known and safe medications, which when placed together, yield an unforseen weight-loss that can be sustained.    This medication is a part of a brilliant new strategy, that involves your cellphone! 
Phentermine or Adipex, a medication you already may be familiar with, is, by far, the most commonly prescribed weight-loss medication in the United States.  It generally works very well, but several of it's properties make it less than ideal.  First, It is a member of the amphetamine class of medication, and is, thus, addictive over time, and is classified as a controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  It clearly facilitates weight loss by suppressing appetite and by stimulating the metabolism to burn fat, in a mechanism that is not clearly known. Second, Phentermine suffers from the fact that the weight that is lost may not be sustained. Because the amount of time before the risk of dependency is limited, its utility for sustained weight loss is also limited.
Enter CONTRAVE This medication is formulation of two medications.  One is
Bupropion, also known as Wellbutrin, which has been used in the treatment of such condition as Depression, Smoking cessation, and Compulsive behaviors. This medication, including side-effects, safety and risks, has been studied extensively since it came on the market in 1989.  One of the interesting side-effects of  Bupropion, which turns out to be a good thing, is a consistent and predictable weight loss for patients prescribed it for the classical indications or conditions.
The second medication is one called naltrexone. Naltrexone works on the "reward" center of the brain, to dis-incentivize overeating.  The combination of both medications is to facilitate weight-loss through appetite suppression, and maintaining the effect through inhibition of the brain's reward center. Because of the nature of the medications comprising it, Contrave is not recommended for patients with High Blood Pressure, or patients on medications for Chronic Pain. Contrave, unlike other weight-loss medications, can be used as long as is needed. It is not controlled by the DEA.  

In many cases, it will be covered by your insurance, with you being responsible for your co-pay. If you do not carry insurance, A one-month supply will cost about $70, which is unheard of for a branded medication that is new to the market.

   You medication will be shipped to you directly from the company. 
FREE Scale
When your medications arrives, you will be directed to the
CONTRAVE website. You will be prompted to enter information, such as your height/weight and dietary habits.  The company will send you a scale to weigh yourself for FREE. Yes, FREE!!!  You will also receive instructions on how to download the special APP to your smartphone.
When you weigh yourself, that information will be transmitted to the App on your phone.  If your weight increases, the App will send you a message and provide some recommendations as to things you can do to modify your behavior to send the weight change in the right direction. Brilliant, right?!
Call BodyTrends at 405-608-4477 or BodyTrends Tulsa at 918-260-5799
to schedule a consultation with our physician . 

There She is....
BodyTrends  congratulates Michelle Evans of Tulsa, who was crowned Mrs. America 2015.    She is the second BodyTrends client in a row who has won this title.

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