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BodyTrends Client Morgan Woolard, Miss Oklahoma USA Now A Household Name


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Issue: # 042May 2010
Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma USA at the 
Miss USA Pageant

BodyTrends Client Morgan Woolard, Miss Oklahoma USA
makes Oklahoma, America and BodyTrends Proud

Who would have thought Morgan Woolard, OSU student, hometown girl from Southside OKC, and Client at BodyTrends would be virtually a household name this week?  We did. We even predicted it in the last newsletter we sent you!

You really have to know Morgan Woolard to understand. "She is simply one of the most delightful, charismatic, driven, and beautiful individuals we have ever had the opportunity to work with at BodyTrends", says Stacey Neuhauser, manager of the BodyTrends South location, who oversaw Morgan's bodysculpting treatments.  Obviously, the judges at the Miss USA felt the same as she was awarded the title of 1st Runner-up to Miss USA. And, over the past few days, judging from the response of the public, she is clearly America's favorite.  At last count, two different Facebook pages of supporters who feel that Morgan should have been the judges choice for Miss USA have appeared.

Significant controversy still exists surrounding the Miss USA panel's decision to award Miss Michigan USA the title of MIss USA over Morgan.  The seemingly inappropriately controversial and possibly unfair question that Morgan was asked about the new Arizona immigration law, and the fact that Miss Michigan, the winner, had actually 'tripped' in stage during evening gown have led to many questioning the decision of the panel. In addition, photos which appear to be at odds with "decency" clauses in the Miss USA Contract has also been scrutinized, as well as Miss Michigan's appearance in a low-budget film called "Throbbing Justice".  Despite the heartbreaking decision of the judges for Oklahoma fans, Morgan proved her worthiness of the title on Monday in her interviews on "FOX & friends", "America LIVE" with Megyn Kelly, and "Inside Edition". In those interviews,  She indicated that she answered her question with conviction, has no regrets and is looking forward, not backward.

Morgan began her preparation at BodyTrends, shortly before winning the Miss Oklahoma USA title in a pageant held late last year in Oklahoma City.  She has spent the last several months preparing at BodyTrends, sometimes up to 2 hours per day" enhancing, fine-tuning, and exaggerating the beautiful lines and curves.  Stacey Neuhauser, who oversaw Morgan's nonsurgical bodysculpture comments that "Morgan was beautiful when she got to us.  She had already been working with a personal trainer. The challenge was to find the way to make her body as close to perfect as possible...and further define it, correct the things that personal training had not... and to take the judges' breath away". 
BodyTrends Client
 Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma USA at the Miss USA Pageant
Morgan responded well to BodyTrends VIP Isogei and the Accent XL laser, which helped accentuate and exaggerate the proportions her waist and hips, and to further define her Abs and arms.  The Accent XL Laser, which can melt fat, contour areas of the body, and tighten skin, also gave her the "Banjo-tight" skin.  In a pageant setting this is key.  When walking across the stage, no part of the body should 'jiggle'.  Accent XL insures this wont happen.  The effect of this treatment series gave Morgan nearly "impossible dimensions and amazing muscular definition, bound to capture the judges' attention", according to BodyTrends owner and medical director, Dr. Harvey Jenkins.  And this is exactly what it did on the Miss USA pageant preliminary night and again on May 16th 2010, the night of the televised Miss USA Pageant.  In attendance in Las Vegas cheering Morgan on were Dr. Jenkins, Owner Tashonda Dixon, and Managers, Stacey Neuhauser and Wanda Hutton (North BodyTrends location).  Wanda specifically oversaw the bodysculpting treatment another of the Miss USA Contestant, Bethany Gerber (Miss Kansas USA).   Bethany also did well, as she finished in the Top 15!

VIP system is the same firming and toning system based on E-stim that was popularized by Jennifer Berry, Lauren Nelson, who used VIP in preparation for Miss America, and most recently by BodyTrends Client Taylor Treat, the current Miss Oklahoma (America).

This is the 3rd time a BodyTrends Client has competed on a National Stage. Dr. Jenkins advises that BodyTrends technology, which is the most advanced and sophisticated in the Oklahoma City area for enhancing the body without surgery, is also well suited for the "average person, who does not have the pageant body.  In OKC Lipo, Breast Lifts, Buttocks Lifts and Tummy Tucks are trending towards being procedures of the past. These treatments and technologies works for men and women....virtually any one who wants to lose weight, lose inches, lose fat or just look their best!

Don't feel too bad for Morgan. In our communications with her since the pageant, it is clear that she leaves the Miss USA pageant with national-level recognition.  This week Morgan Woolard is a household name. Expect to see her continue her presence on the national stage as she has already been presented with several opportunities to further her career.  As an aspiring Sports journalist,  Morgan would make a great replacement  for that Brian Kilmeade guy on "FOX & friends". Morgan has indicated her immediate plans, however, include returning to OSU to complete her Sports journalism degree.

Along with the rest of Oklahoma, We at BodyTrends congratulate Morgan Woolard for representing us in an awesomely positive manner.

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Aaron said...

I felt disappointed when Miss Oklahoma did not get the crown for the Miss USA,.Personally,she's really my bet..!!She's beautiful and I indeed adore her beauty and body..!!Great post.!
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