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Oklahoma City Father's Day Gift Specials/ OKC Massage at BodyTrends

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Issue: # 023 June 2009

Trophy Husband's are Special at BodyTrends

Fathers Day is June 21, 2009!

Show the Man in Your Life
How much He means to You with
Something Thoughtful from

is Your Center for
Body & Facial Re-Design

without Surgery

Permanent Makeup
the BodyTrends hCG Diet
ACCENT XL, the 'Fat Melter' and 'Skin Tightening' by AlmaLasers
VIP, the 'AB Maker' by GetChanges
GentleLASE Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing
Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation by Harmony
Spider Vein Treatment
Laser Tattoo Removal

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Bodytrends Celebrates the "Trophy Husband" on Fathers Day
The Indulgent Massage by Kimberly Puckett/ June & July Specials
Permanent Makeup at BodyTrends/ We Got You Covered!
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Fathers Day 2009:
A Time to Spoil your "Trophy Husband"

Who's Your Daddy?

What is a 'Trophy Husband'?

It's 2009. The definition of what a man is or what a man should be has evolved tremendously over the years. One hundred years ago, the image of a man was closer to the hunter-gatherer and protector concept that was really not much different that of a caveman. Conceptually, today's man is 'pleiomorphic' He can be the refined version of the protector or even the 'glammed-up, 'guy-liner', metrosexual version that you see in Adam Lambert on American Idol.

The concept of the 'Trophy husband' is a really a cartooned image of the Trophy wife in reverse. Instead of the pretty California blonde on the arm of an otherwise ordinary looking man with a Donald-Trump-sized wallet, the 'Trophy husband' is the arm-candy escort-type such as the one typified in the movie "American Gigolo". He is the beefed-up, buffed-out, and often brainless accessory complementing the finest designer dress and diamond bracelet, whose only true skill maybe to be a mobile hanger for a Bloomingdale's or Sak's 5th Avenue Shopping Bag.

A recent article on mylifetime.com defines what may be the most real and meaningful definitions of the proverbial "Trophy Husband" through the eyes of two women:

"A trophy husband knows his way not only around the boardroom and the bedroom, but also the laundry room. He's the breadwinner, but he can handle grocery shopping and driving the kids to soccer, especially when his wife has to work or is enjoying a girls' night out. He's the Heidi Klum of good looks, only with an Adam's apple. More important, he's a whiz in the kitchen and treats his lady to whatever her taste buds command."
-Heather, Systems Administrator

"My idea of a trophy husband is someone who can be my best friend. I can share and trust my deepest secrets with him, and he will still love me for who I am. Even better, he knows just the trick to pick me up when I'm feeling down. I just hope that my trophy husband is still out there and not sitting on someone else's shelf!"
-Siria, Business executive

The Truth of the matter is that the definition of a "Trophy Husband" includes those qualities and traits that make Him special to you and that make you proud to be with him. No one gives a gold medal for how well you fix a sink, change a tire or clean a pool. And, there are no awards for the way he can make you smile and laugh when you are frustrated, mad and annoyed. There's no special commendation to acknowledge the way he makes you feel the way... the way that no one else ever could! The "Trophy Husband" is what he is....and, most importantly, what he means to you!

BodyTrends Celebrates the Trophy Husband or the Special Man in your life this week and on Fathers Day. Maybe he needs a More Youthful, and Relaxed appearance and Smoother Skin (Botox, DermaSweep) or a Conversion of a Beer-Gut to a 6-pack (VIP or Accent) or Just a relaxing Massage. Whatever the need, BodyTrends has the answer and the most thoughtful way for you to show your appreciation and pride. Don't be afraid to Spoil him!

All BodyTrends Treatment Packages purchased for the Celebration of Father's Day are 20% Off!!!

More info about the Specials for Men contact Clark at info@bodytrendspa.com or Call us at 759-7524 (SOKC) or 608-4477 (NOKC)
The Indulgent Massage by Kimberly Puckett, LMT
June-July Specials

Massage by Kimberly Puckett at BodyTrends OKC

June-July Massage Special
Purchase One Session of your choice and get One Session of Equal Value for Free!!

Swedish 1 HR $55 1/2 HR $25

Deep Tissue 1 HR $70 1/2 HR $45

Hot Stone 1 HR $85 1/2 HR $40

Pregnancy 1 HR $70 1/2 HR $35

Reflexology 1 HR $55 1/2 HR $35

Call 759-7524 Today to Schedule your Massage. Gift Certificates Available!
Permanent Makeup at BodyTrends:
We Got You Covered!
Permanent Makeup at BodyTrends

BodyTrends Offers Permanent Makeup at Both North (Permanent Makeup Solutions) and South ElectroSpa (The Artistic School of Permanent Makeup) locations.

Lip liner $200.00

Full lip color $350.00

Eyebrow's start at $200.00
Hairline stroke eyebrows $350.00

Eyelash enhancement $200.00
Full eyeliner $350.00
Designer Eyeliner (Multi-Color) $450.00
Eye shadow $400.00

Full face discounts $800.00

Senior citizens discount 10% off any procedure

Call BodyTrends Today (608-4477 NOKC or 759-7524 SOKC) for monthly specials!!!
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Offer Expires: June 19th, 2009

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