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Spider Vein Removal in Oklahoma City at BodyTrends Day Spa

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Issue: # 056bNovember 2010
Client Kaitlyn Smith, Miss Oklahoma USA 2011
BodyTrends Client Kaitlyn Smith, Miss Oklahoma 2011

Congratulations to BodyTrends Client
Kaitlyn Smith
The New Miss Oklahoma USA!
  Image Courtesy of BRC Photography in Norman OK

Spider Veins: The Cosmetic Scarlet Letter
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Spider Veins:  A "Cosmetic" Scarlet Letter
Adapted from the So6ix Magazine Article
by Harvey Jenkins PhD, MD
No one ever lost a job opportunity because of them.  And no one has ever been made the 'pariah' of their community because of them.  But, you would certainly think so, considering the number of people who "bear" them, and desperately want to get rid of them.

What are Spider Veins?
Vein Removal OKC
Spider Vein Removal OKC

Telangiectasias, or more commonly known as spider veins, are small, dilated blood vessels found near the surface of skin or mucous membranes.  Although it is far from a cosmetic "badge of shame" or the proverbial "Scarlet letter", spider veins are a problem for millions of men and women worldwide, and it is estimate that 60% of the population suffers from spider veins or varicose veins.  You don't have to do anything 'wrong" to get them.  40% of women age 40 to 50 have them.  And 72% of women over 60 have them.
Spider Vein removal in OKC

 Anatomically, they measure between 0.5 and 1 millimeter in diameter, and are found virtually anywhere on the body.  They come to the attention of the medical aesthetics specialist most often when they occur on the face, around the nose and cheek or on the thighs or legs.    Although there are genetic and hereditary causes of telangiectasias, the most common encountered causes are the acquired forms.    Acquired telangiectasias include those caused by venous hypertension (elevated blood pressure in the veins) with associated varicose veins (enlarged veins), pregnancy wherein circulating hormones that weaken vessel walls are produced, and occupations that involved prolonged sitting or standing.  There is also a role of excessive sun exposure and environmental insults that promote their presence.

Is there a Cure?
Most people think that there is no cure or treatment for spider veins. There is, and it is simple.  Painful injections with sclerotherapy agents to coagulate veins are no longer necessary for spider veins.  New, "light-based" therapies are allowing physicians to successfully treat these "unsightly veins", simply, with minimal discomfort, non-invasively and safely.

The treatment of choice these days for spider veins which meet the criteria of ease, comfort, simplicity and safety is the Long-Pulse 1064 Nd:YAG laser.  The wavelength of the device is specific for targeting the "red" color in the Hemoglobin (the oxygen transport molecule
Spider Vein removal in OKC
Laser Spider Vein removal in OKC
of the blood cell).  The surrounding area of skin and soft tissue is not selected by the laser, leaving it intact.  The collision of the hemoglobin with the energy packet of the laser induces an abrupt heat reaction which leads to coagulation of the blood vessel.  The vessel area is usually bleached immediately.  The coagulated fragments of the vessel are then gradually dissolved and resorbed by the body.

In Oklahoma City, Spider vein removal remains an "in-demand" procedure. However, many people with this problem are unaware that it can be treated so simply.  Prices range from a few hundreds of dollars to a thousand on average, but obviously depend on the number of veins, their size, how extensive they  are, and the number of times treatments the area requires.   The great news and bottom line is that if you have Spider veins, and you find them unsightly and unsettling, you can spare yourself the angst of this cosmetic badge with a simple call to BodyTrends, your cosmetic laser center or med spa.

CALL BodyTrends TODAY to receive 30% OFF on your spider vein removal treatment at 405-608-4477 (North ElectroSpa) and 405-759-7524 (South ElectroSpa)

Dr. Harvey Jenkins is a Harvard-trained Orthopedist & Spine specialist, practicing in South Oklahoma City.  He is a Wellness Blogger and is also Owner and Medical Director of BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa in OKC. For more info or questions contact Dr. Jenkins at

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The HOTTEST Woman in Oklahoma is... BodyTrends Client Kaitlyn Smith, the New Miss Oklahoma USA 2011

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BodyTrends Blog

Oklahoma City's Premiere Day Spa

Issue: # 056November 2010
Client Kaitlyn Smith, Miss Oklahoma USA 2011
BodyTrends Client Kaitlyn Smith, Miss Oklahoma 2011

Congratulations to BodyTrends Client
Kaitlyn Smith
The New Miss Oklahoma USA!
BodyTrends Client Kaitlyn Smith is HOT!
Spider Veins: The Cosmetic Scarlet Letter
HOUSEWIVES of the 405 is Now Online
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Is BodyTrends Client Kaitlyn Smith the HOTTEST Woman in Oklahoma?

BodyTrends Client Kaitlyn Smith, Miss Oklahoma USA 2011
Bodytrends Client Kaitlyn Smith, Miss Oklahoma USA 2010
Morgan Woolard, the previous Miss Oklahoma USA, left some really big shoes to fill.... or should we say "pumps".  As you may remember, a few months ago, this stunning Oklahoma beauty and BodyTrends Client became a national obsession as she answered a very controversial question onstage at the Miss USA pageant. The  answer she gave to the question, it is felt, cost her the crown.  But  still, America was very impressed with the blonde, Catherine Deneuve re-incarnate from Southside OKC.  A national Television Blitz followed with appearances on Letterman, Larry King, Fox & Friends, as well the photoshoots for Tony Bowls and Hallmark.  She has 3 Facebook Pages and has many other tribute pages set up by Fans of her.  What a tough act to follow.

Enter Kaitlyn Smith, a local model for the Anthony David Modeling Agency and pre-med student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK.   This former Lake Havasu High School Beauty, although unquestionably beautiful, was an unlikely pageant winner.  Why? Unlike most of the competitors at the Miss Oklahoma USA pageant held at the Masonic Temple in Guthrie, OK on November 28, 2010, she had never been in a pageant before, ever.

After a preliminary night of competition, it was clear Kaitlyn Smith  was not a novice.  She had what it took.  Kaitlyn and 4 other BodyTrends clients survived the first cut leading to the Top 15.  They included Tailor Cook, Michelle Bruffett (last year's 1st Runner-up), Michelle McCoy, and Kelsie Guthrie.

Was it the beautiful face, the Sculpted physique perfected at BodyTrends and by BodyTrends trainer Joey Codner,  the metallic leopard skin evening gown, the "walk" or the command and articulation in which she answered her interview question.   We will never know for sure, but in the final moments of the pageant, with just 2 women left on stage, the audience was about to find out that you don't need previous experience in a pageant to become a champion.  Applause like thunderclaps filled the auditorium as the successor to Morgan Woolard was crowned, and the biggest shoes in the USA were filled.  Kaitlyn Smith, Miss Norman North, was crowned Miss Oklahoma USA 2011.

In attendance in Guthrie were  BodyTrends owners, Harvey Jenkins, MD and Tashonda Dixon, Manager Stacey Neuhauser and several members of the BodyTrends staff who treated and attended Kaitlyn Smith.  According to Dr.  Jenkins,  "This is a very satisfying moment for BodyTrends, with Kaitlyn Smith being our 3rd client to win Miss Oklahoma USA. We are so grateful to Heather  Rouba, who is a former Mrs. Oklahoma for bringing this exceptionally beautiful woman to our attention.  We look forward to helping Kaitlyn as she prepares for Miss USA.  Just like Morgan, we think that with her beauty and countenance, she can go all the way."

Tashonda Dixon was equally excited about Kaitlyn's victory.  She noted that "like all 10 of our clients competing, Kaitlyn worked so hard.  You could tell that she was committed and determined."  She also added that "Tonite was an important night for BodyTrends.  With our 10 client competitors, virtually all of our Bodysculpting Services and Facial technology was represented on stage.  Every thing from Lip filler and Cheek enhancement to our MOTIVES Cosmetics make-up line, Laser skin resurfacing, and our Accent, VIP and Zerona bodysculpting. "

As the association of Bodytrends with physiques that when pageants becomes more known, people from across the nation are looking to BodyTrends for their BodySculpting and beautification needs.  In addition to being an Official Sponsor of the Miss Oklahoma (of the Miss America Pageant), BodyTrends is now a Sponsor of the Miss Nevada USA pageant.  In addition to preparing Miss Oklahoma (America) Emoly West at BodyTrends New Tulsa location,  and Miss Missouri ( America) Erika Hebron, the newly crowned Miss Nevada will come to BodyTrends in Oklahoma to begin her preparation.

With 5 clients reaching the Top five of National Pageants last year, BodyTrends of Oklahoma CIty and Tulsa is ready for its first National Pageant winner. And BodyTrends believes it may have its first one in the making.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BodyTrends HOUSEWIVES Of The 405 Website is Now Online

BodyTrends Blog

Oklahoma City's Premiere Day Spa

Issue: # 055November 2010
BodyTrends Presents 
Housewives of the 405
BodyTrends Presents "HOUSEWIVES Of The 405", The Website
If You Loved "Dynasty"....

The wildly popular and occasionally controversial Comic Strip series featured in the Oklahoma Gazette and So6ix Magazine is now online at:


Catch up with all of the Episodes
Follow your Favorite Character's Blog
Voice Your Opinions about the Characters
Special Appearances by Celebrities, People you know, and Maybe Even YOU!
Win Free Stuff just by visiting the Website

 Episode 2
Housewives of The 405 cartoon
"HOUSEWIVES Of The 405" as seen in the Oklahoma Gazette
Art by Brian Winkeler/Robot House Creative
"Surely, We all know people like these"

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the BodyTrends hCG Diet in Oklahoma City
ZERONA, the "Fat-Melting Laser" in Oklahoma City
ACCENT XL, the 'Fat Melter' and 'Skin Tightening' by AlmaLasers in OKC
VIP, the 'AB Maker' by Changes in Oklahoma City
GentleLASE Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Oklahoma City
Pixel  Laser Skin Resurfacing in Oklahoma City
Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation by Harmony in Oklahoma City
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Spider Vein Treatment in Oklahoma City
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Morgan Woolard/ 
Hair& Makeup by Larry Chowning
Morgan Woolard, BodyTrends Client/ Hair & Makeup by Larry Chowning
 Who is The Best Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist in OKC?
Vote for BodyTrends Stylist Larry Chowning and his Model BodyTrends Client and 1st Runner-up at Miss USA Morgan Woolard (picture 11) or BodyTrends Stylist/Makeup Artist Sara Lashley and her model Stevie Simpson (picture 15) in So6ix Magazines's November 2010 Fashion Contest.

Place you VOTE at  You can Vote once-an-hour.

Stevie Simpson/Hair 
& Makeup by Sara Lashley of BodyTrends Salon
Stevie Simpson/Hair & Makeup by Sara Lashley of BodyTrends Salon

BodyTrends Salon clientele include former Miss America's and current Miss Oklahomas, as well as area News anchors, business people. There styling ranges for the elegant and sophisticated to the edgy and couture/avant garde!   Call BodyTrends Salon at (405) 608-4477 and ask for Larry Chowning, Sara Lashley, Tiffany Rozier, Scott Alan Henry, Lauren Henry, Shane Perryman and Stephani Ratzlaff.   The BodyTrends Salon Master Stylists offer Cut, Color, Highlights, Shampoo & Styling, Updo's, Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions, Keratin Smoothing Complex/Brazilian Blowout.

Our Stylists use a variety of product lines including Brocato, Aquage, Alterna, Awapuhi, Tigi, Keune, L'Oreal Professional, Moroccan Oil, Keratin, Pureology.... and more!  Make up lines include Toni & Guy and MOTIVES COSMETICS.  Ask about our Free Makeovers.