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Is "80" the New "40"? TA-65 : Life Extension in a Pill/ BodyTrends OKC Answers

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Issue: # 041April 2010
Dr jeffry Life BodyTrends

Is "80" the New "40"?
TA-65, Life Extension in A Pill
 (Re-Printed from So6ix Magazine)

We live life in very predictable stages. In our 20s, we become independent. In our 30's we focus on family and career.  By our 50's and 60's, we seem to prepare for retirement, managing our health problems, and sadly, the grave.

Future advances in science and medicine will most certainly continue the current trend towards longer and healthier lives.  With the next phase of advances, the way we approach the different stages of life will change.  One day, we will be able to radically extend the human lifespan by simply taking a daily supplement...Life extension  and Immortality in a Pill...A pill that would make "80" the new "40"!

Such a pill is already available?  It is called TA-65, and its developers feel this drug may be the key to extending one's life for several years over the normal life expectancy.   They also claim this compound combats the aging process and the diseases and conditions which shorten life.

What is TA-65
TA-65 is a compound extracted from the Astragalus plant  a staple of traditional Chinese herbal medicine.  It is one of a class of agents known as telomerase (pronounced /tuhl-om-ur-ace/) activators, compounds which 'activate' the set of enzymes known as telomerases.   Telomerases act on chromosome endings, or telomeres, to resist the shortening they undergo with successive cell division cycles.  This shortening of the telomeres is a hallmark of aging in cells.   Chromosomes, which are the DNA-containing blueprint which govern all of the cells activities and its replication, must remain undamaged for the cell to function normally and to remain alive. With each cell division, the telomere shortens.  After a number of cell division cycles, the shortening affects cell stability, which have reverberations in the health and viability of the whole organism. The stimulation of telomerase activity to offset for the shortening would thus be expected to overcome the consequences of shortening and allowing the cell to remain youthful, functional, healthy and viable.
DNA BodyTrends Ta-65

Is Telomerase Research important.?
Absolutely. Telomerases have a role in several genetic conditions (Progeria, premature aging), in other conditions like anemia and in certain types of cancers.  Validation of its importance came in October of last year when The 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Dr.Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Carol Grieder for their research which led to the discovery of the telomerase enzyme. The potential for the use TA-65  as an anti-aging agent was a direct result of this telomerase research.

Human trials of TA-65, whose subjects were men aged 60 to 85, demonstrated that TA-65 seemed to slow down and reverse definite signs of the aging process.  Signs of advancing age, visual decline and loss of skin elasticity were seen to reverse and improve within one year.  Other improvements seen in the test subjects were in BP, the activity of immune cells, and in sexual function. As expected, the actual lengths of the telomere in the study subjects also increased, rather than decreased, over the year.  No side effects or adverse events from taking Ta-65 were reported.

Additional testing of TA-65 is now underway, along with about 60 similar compounds which have recently identified telomerase activators. So, it seems we are at the very beginning of what may be the most important research in human history.
How much does it cost? 
For a mere $18,000 a year, you can take the TA-65 supplement.  At present, it can only be obtained through a handful of physicians around the country who have been licensed by the compound's distributor TA Sciences. Dr. Jeffry Life, pictured above, of Las Vegas is one of these physicians, as well as one of the enrolled trial members. Critics of TA-65 point out that this may be the latest and most expensive example of the "same old marketing nonsense dressed up in fancy scientific clothing".  Others feel that TA-65 is the strongest step into the future of anti-aging medicine.

Living to 100 may no longer be the exception.  It may be the rule.   And feeling like your 30 or 40, when you are a centenarian, may go right along with it.

Dr. Harvey Jenkins MD, PhD is a Harvard-trained Orthopedist and Spine specialist, practicing in South Oklahoma City.  He is a Wellness Blogger and is also Owner and Medical Director of BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa in OKC.

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There She Is....  The Next "Miss USA" a  BodyTrends Client? ... A Tale of Two Beauties!
Morgan Woolard
Morgan Woolard
We wish our Client Morgan Woolard of South OKC, the reigning Miss Oklahoma USA and a student at OSU, the best as she competes for the title of Miss USA in about a month.   Morgan has been at our South location a lot lately, between photo shoots all over America getting prepared for her date with destiny.

BodyTrends owners and managers will be on-hand in Las Vegas at the Miss USA Pageant to witness the event featuring this extraordinary beauty.

People who mean "business" when it comes to looking their absolute best trust BodyTrends the ElectroSpa.

Is Morgan our only client to compete at Miss USA this year?  NO!

Bethany Gerber
The reigning Miss Kansas USAis also a BodyTrends client. This Amazingly beautiful candidate won her title as the first pageant she ever entered. This a distinction unto itself.
Gerber Miss Kansas USA

Is it Awkward for these beauties to be at BodyTrends at the same time? Not at all. They were actually very good friends before each won her respective titles.  We thought it strange and wonderful when Morgan's Mom came up to our North BodyTrends location to give Bethany a sash to take back to Kansas where she was to meet Morgan for a photoshoot.

That Moment was second in "awesomeness" to the time when Lauren Nelson, Miss America 2007came to BodyTrends North a few months ago to give Taylor Treat, the reigning Miss Oklahoma, a gift and advise before the Miss America pageant in February.

We'll keep you posted! 

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